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In the present economic realities, time is the most valuable asset. Time is needed to come up with an idea on how to create an enterprise or develop your business. It is essential to spend time on meetings with potential contractors or promotion in order not to fall behind with the competition. The choice of qualified and trusted staff and their training is also time-demanding. A lot of time needs to be devoted to real management of your business in a sustainable environment. All these areas require the attention of an entrepreneur.

This balance is lost as soon the first legal problems arise. The time that has been spent so far on all the above-mentioned activities, so relevant from the point of view of doing business, is now divided, which has a detrimental effect on your business. Acting in haste, we try to find repair solutions to remedy the situation.

What are the real benefits of hiring a law firm?

Seeking professional legal advice before taking any planned actions allows you to save time and attention required for running a sustainable business. Nowadays, efficient and professional legal support has become a guarantee of uninterrupted business operations and dynamic development of the company.

Services offered by our law firm include:

  • rendering regular and comprehensive corporate services and assistance in running business
  • drawing up, analysis, giving opinions and negotiation of trade contracts and business agreements
  • legal advice and consultations as well as expert opinions on operations of a company
  • legal advice regarding particular business ideas
  • legal solutions that guarantee uninterrupted business operation, maximizing profits, and company development
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts and agreements in the course of business process of the company, both with domestic and foreign contractors
  • regular provision of advice in relation to contracts and agreements
  • analysis and preparation of all documentation required in the process of running business
  • providing for efficient possibilities of enforcing claims for payment from the contractors of the company
  • efficient and professional response to problems, as they arise
  • day-to-day legal advice on new ideas and decisions to be made
  • legal services in pre-trial and judicial resolution of business disputes
  • representation before public administration authorities, offices, institutions, public and private entities

Cooperation with the law firm gives the Client the peace of mind and confidence that his actions are well-thought out, planned and safe. Then the client can focus on what is the most important for the development of the company, i.e. time and attention of its owner.

What makes our law firm stand out?

  • individual approach to Clients and their business
  • cooperation based on mutual trust and conviction that in-depth knowledge of the unique character of a company can guarantee the right choice of suitable solutions
  • actions aimed at achieving long-term objectives relevant from the point of view of the overall interest of the Client, and not only provision of services in relation to day-to-day operations and formal issues, as they arise
  • broader perspective on particular issues
  • effective actions and availability

All entrepreneurs are welcome to use the services offered by our law firm and to establish cooperation. The main seat of the law firm is located in Poznań and its branch office was opened in Zielona Góra. We are looking forward to discussing all your ideas, problems or doubts that may arise in the course of running your business. We trust that our cooperation will bring notable benefits to your company.



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