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Just Cooperate is a place where we share information with entrepreneurs who runs a business focused on cooperation with a foreign business partner. We want not only to facilitate the process of concluding a B2B contract in cross-border relations, but also to give you a sense of security and understanding of the entire procedure related to it.


Have you been copying with selling and delivering your products to foreign customers? Are you familiar with distributing products from contractors from another country? Are you interested in providing services to a foreign entity?


The information we share will be useful for distributors, manufacturers, all kinds of contractors and other countries’ service providers cooperating with foreign business partners from different economical sectors.


  • excessive formalism and a prolonged process of agreeing on terms of cooperation can may make it difficult to finalise a contract with a foreign business partner;
  • entrepreneurs are not always able to negotiate contractual provisions beneficial for them;
  • entrepreneurs want to focus on cooperation, building relations and mutual success.


  • we want to share knowledge and practical experience that will allow you a better understanding of the principles of cooperation with a foreign business partner;
  • we speak in a simple and understandable way;
  • we provide useful information that will allow you to set up the foreign cooperation;
  • we show what you should pay attention to while formalising a business partnership and what is less important in this process;
  • we prevent problems’ occurrence in cross-border cooperation, and when they occur, we help to solve them.


We know that the first thing that comes to mind while organizing cooperation with a foreign business partner is not always a written contract. We understand it. We want to facilitate the process of formalizing cooperation with a foreign trade partner. We know that your negotiating power will not always allow you to negotiate everything you care about. We help to separate the wheat from the chaff. We know the practical problems associated with this type of cooperation. We saw them and assisted in solving many of them. We have broad experience. We work with distributors, manufacturers, contractors and entrepreneurs from different kinds of industries. We helped clients establish cooperation, with a foreign business partner, in a safe legal framework.


We tailor our services to your needs.

As part of the Just Cooperate initiative we offer expertise in:

  • ways to establish a secure and reliable formal business partnership with an international entity;
  • what should be implemented in the contract with a foreign business partner;
  • prioritizing contract points;
  • analysing the contract received from the international business partner and what to pay special attention to;
  • what are key aspects to prioritize during negotiations with an international trading partner;
  • what are the strategies to avoid common issues that may arise while collaborating with an international trading partner.

And if you need legal assistance in the above-mentioned areas, we are at your service.

  • We will prepare a B2B contract for the international trade that you need.
  • We will provide our expert opinion on the received contract from your business partner and suggest the necessary changes.
  • We will assist you in negotiating a B2B contract with an international business partner, or guide you if prefer to conduct the negotiations independently.

We will do all of that.

Focus on cooperation. We will handle the legal part.

Just cooperate. Nothing more. Nothing less.



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