Law is a tool that facilitates the achievement of particular objectives. It helps to frame a safe vision of running business and its development.

Legal services require a broader perspective. It is important not only to take account of present needs, but also to anticipate and secure the opportunity to achieve future goals. With individual approach and in-depth knowledge of the unique character of a case, it is possible to select the right solutions.

The Client should be conscious and prepared as well as know the possible case scenarios and how to proceed depending on the development of a situation.

My work is driven by these values.

If you are looking for professional legal services, do not hesitate to contact me.
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Contract law

Drawing up and analysis of agreements and comprehensive support of contract negotiations.

TRANSGRANICZNE.PL is a legal blog published since 2014. It is addressed to entrepreneurs and individuals with the objective of promoting legal aspects related both to cooperation as well as disputes with foreign partners.

The blog is dedicated to all those whose business is focused on cooperation with foreign partners, have cross-border claims or have been involved in an international dispute as well as to those interested in cross-border issues, who simply want to read on the subject in question.

You are invited to visit and read TRANSGRANICZNE.PL.

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