The subject of running business or disputes with foreign partners is a matter of course in my practice of law. I give opinions and draw up agreements under which Polish entrepreneurs and companies cooperate with foreign entities located in the European Union as well as beyond its borders. I participate in negotiations regarding international contracts as well as prepare and implement strategies for pursuing cross-border claims, taking into account the nature of a claim and optimization of costs incurred in relation to enforcement. I develop solutions that secure the possibility of bringing any future claims against foreign debtors before Polish courts.

If an expert opinion of a foreign lawyer is required, my law firm cooperates with reliable partners abroad.

I share my experience and well-tried solutions during trainings addressed to entrepreneurs. I also take part in conferences with the participation of academic circles, judges and practitioners. My articles have been published in Euro Info Bulletin and Enterprise Europe Network at the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Since 2014 I have been keeping a legal blog devoted to the above-mentioned issues.

Cross-border legal services are provided in English.

Legal services provided by my law firm regarding cross-border issues include:

  • drawing up, review and negotiation of agreements with foreign partners
  • comprehensive services related to legal disputes with foreign entities
  • analysis and optimization of the company’s solutions for international collection of debts
  • securing the possibility of pursuing claims against foreign contractors
  • application for a European Account Preservation Order (EAPO)
  • drawing up a contract securing the possibility of bringing a lawsuit before a Polish court
  • debt collection from foreign contractors
  • lawsuits within the European order for payment procedure
  • lawsuits within the European Small Claims Procedure
  • representation in court proceedings with the participation of a foreign entity
  • securing the possibility of enforcement of a foreign judgment abroad
  • application for a certificate to seek enforcement abroad
  • determination which court has territorial jurisdiction to hear the case
  • determination which law is applicable to a case
  • drawing up a jurisdiction clause
  • drawing up a contract to determine the governing law
  • drawing up contracts with a foreign contractor

Who can benefit from the services provided by my law firm? 

The law firm offers assistance to entrepreneurs, companies and individuals who:

  • want to know if the ready-to-sign contract with a foreign contractor is safe
  • want to provide a foreign partner with their own contract, but they are not sure about its content
  • want to sue a foreign contractor
  • want to find out whether they can sue a foreign debtor in Poland
  • want to know if the solutions related to international debt collection in their company are optimal
  • have become involved in a dispute with a foreign entity

Why hire my law firm?

I have broad practical experience and relevant theoretical foundation required for providing reliable legal assistance in this field. I am constantly improving my qualifications, so that the services render by me are of the highest standard. I have been dealing with cross-border cases for years, so I know which issues should be addressed to secure the Client’s interests.

Do not hesitate to contact me.

Visit my blog  if you want to get acquainted with cross-border issues.

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