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A letter of intent - what is it and why is it worth having it?

Before formalizing cooperation, future contractors often decide to sign a document in which they summarize the agreed purpose and further planned steps. This document is the letter of intent. What is its role?

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10 10 2023

Contractual penalties in international contracts

Contractual penalties in international contracts – is it worth introducing them to the contract?

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03 10 2023

Jurisdiction of the court - why is it so important in international trade?

The common commercial practice is to communicate only in electronic form, through the exchange of e-mails. It should be remembered that in this case a contract is also concluded in the form of a commercial custom adopted by the parties.

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26 09 2023

How to formalize cooperation with a foreign contractor?

Economic cooperation with a foreign contractor can be formalized in several ways. Do you know them? Are any of them better than the others? Let’s see.

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19 09 2023

Indemnification and hold harmless provisions – should we be afraid of them?

In practice, a significant part of the negotiations between the parties is devoted to these provisions.

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12 09 2023

Incoterms in the international sale and delivery of goods - how can they help?

The international sale of goods is very often associated with the use of Incoterms rules. What are they and why are they so helpful?

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05 09 2023

Risk in the foreign trade - 3 ways to minimize it

Entering into commercial relations with a foreign contractor involves risk. What is the risk in foreign trade and how to increase the security of such transactions? Read more.

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29 08 2023

General Terms and Conditions, what Adam did not know while concluding a contract with a foreign contractor

Case study

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22 08 2023

General Terms and Conditions – 4 things worth applying while concluding a contract with a foreign business partner

You are engaged in discussions with a potential foreign partner regarding the terms of a possible economic partnership. During the negotiation process, you discover that the partnership is supposed to be governed by a straightforward agreement or purchase order and the standard General Terms and Conditions used by your business partner.

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15 08 2023

Confidentiality clause in B2B contracts in the international trade

Confidentiality clause is a contractual provision on the basis of which the parties decide to accept that the information specified by them, indicated in the contract, will be confidential, and therefore cannot be freely available to third parties, under the pain of the consequences specified in the contract.

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08 08 2023


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